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Strengthening Kidney Function

Imperial Qi is a superior herbal formula specifically formulated to strengthen Kidney Qi and Kidney Yang. Based on Jin Gui Shen Qi, the classical herbal formula in documented use since 210 A.D.,  the ingredients in Imperial Qi have been combined the energy way.

This proprietary formula has been developed to focus entirely on improving Kidney Yang energy and helping the Kidney meridian regain its   function.

The Kidney acts as the engine for the entire body. It communicates with and provides Qi, or vital energy, to the body’s organs so they can perform their normal functions properly. In traditional Chinese medicine, the Kidney’s partner organ is the Urinary Bladder and this system is responsible for the health of the bones, the ears, genetic aspects, among other things. This all-important organ system is responsible for the long-term changes we see in the body. Obvious signs of aging—graying hair, frequent and/or nighttime urination, hearing decline—are all signs of diminishing Kidney energy.

 While especially helpful for supporting women’s long-term health needs, Imperial Qi is an ideal all-natural formula for strengthening men’s health as well. From the TCM perspective, men’s potency and vitality are supported by the Kidney’s organ system. Like women’s energy, male (Yang) energy also decreases over time for various reasons—normal aging process, overwork, stress, lack of sleep and adequate rest, too much sexual activity, etc. Imperial Qi helps support Yang energy and slows down the ‘slowdown’  that is so common in today’s lifestyle.

TCM Therapeutic Actions:  Tonifies Kidney Yang and Qi, Warms Kidney Yang, Eliminates Cold and Damp, Promotes Urination.

TCM Indications:  Kidney Yang problems including Sexual Function Disorder, Anxiety, Fatigue, Low Back Pain, Weakness of the Legs, Cold in the Lower Body, Difficult Breathing, Urinary Difficulty, Excessive Urination, Frequent Urination, Dysuria, Nocturia, Incontinence, Continuous Diarrhea, Anti-aging, Memory Loss, Infertility, Impotence, and Prevention of Osteoporosis.

Comments:    Imperial Qi and Green Dragon together form an especially powerful combination that supports healthy Kidney and Liver function and addresses menstrual cycle irregularities, infertility and menopausal problems. 

(60 Tablets – 750 mg each).


Imperial Qi - IQ-001

Proprietary blend: Cooked rehmannia (Shu-Di-Huang) root; Cornus (Shan-Zhu-Yu) fruit; Dioscorea (Shan-Yao) rhizome; Tree peony (Mu-Dan-Pi) root bark; Poria (Fu-Ling); Schizandra (Wu-Wei-Zi) fruit; Epimedium (Yin-Yang-Huo) leaf; Curculigo (Xian-Mao) rhizome; Vaccaria (Wang-Bu-Liu-Xing) seed; Cinnamon (Rou-Gui) bark; Cistanche (Rou-Gong-Rong) stem; Asian Plantain (Che-Qian-Zi) seed; Cloves (Ding-Xiang) flower bud; Ginseng (Ren-Shen) root.
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