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Promoting Healthy Liver Function

Green Dragon is specifically designed to help promote healthy Liver function. Unlike traditional classical formulas that may contain a few ingredients to promote Liver function and harmonize other organs, Green Dragon focuses exclusively on the Liver meridians and stimulation of Liver function. It is a complete Liver formula targeted solely at improving Liver function.

A healthy functioning Liver does three things: it keeps blood flowing smoothly; it keeps Qi, or vital energy, flowing smoothly, and it keeps the Liver flexible. These actions are inseparably linked and all help keep the Liver in balance. Green Dragon can support healthy Liver function in a powerful way, which in turn, helps strengthen the function of other organs.

This specially crafted all-natural herbal formula is designed to overcome Qi stagnation so that the body's energy can flow freely through the meridians or energy channels, especially the Liver meridian. Green Dragon also includes Notoginseng (Tian Qi) root, that specifically  targets healthy blood flow. This unique formula helps relieve Liver Qi stagnation and can be used to harmonize Wood (Liver) and Earth (Stomach) elements to improve digestion.
Improving Liver function has a positive effect on the entire digestive system. Green Dragon is very effective for stress reduction and helps support a healthy mind-body connection. It was designed as an intensive energy booster solely for the all-important Liver and offers an optimum solution for 21st century stress by addressing Liver meridian and Liver organ dysfunction.

It is an ideal formula to support women's health because, from the traditional Chinese medicine perspective, all women's health issues are directly or indirectly related to Liver organ dysfunction.

Indications: Menstrual cycle disorders, menopausal problems, stress, stomach bloating, menopause, women's health problems, promotion of longevity.

TCM Therapeutic Actions: Spreads Liver Qi, Invigorates Blood, Resolves Blood Stasis, Harmonizes Liver and Stomach/Spleen. Unblocks Meridians. Stops Pain.

TCM Indications: Menstrual Disorders, Amenorrhea, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Fallopian Tube Blockage, Chronic, Incessant Hiccups, Nausea and Vomiting, Dry Heaves, Irritability, Depression, Migraines.

Chronic, Stubborn Headaches with a fixed, needle-like quality; Bitter Taste in the Mouth, Thirst, Irritability, Yellow Urine, Constipation and Redness of the Face.

Fever during or before Menstruation, Dark Red Irregular Period with Clotting, Lower Abdominal Heaviness and Pain that Worsens with Pressure, Thick and Yellow Leukorrhea.

Pain in the Chest, Flank or Inguinal/Genitals or anywhere along the Liver meridian

 Comments: This formula can be used to treat a condition that is caused by imbalances in the Liver meridian or organ, for example: stress and irritability, menstrual irregularities, infertility, weight gain, and menopause.  

Note: Together, Green Dragon and Imperial Qi form an especially powerful combination to address menstrual cycle irregularities and menopausal problems.

Proprietary Blend: Bupleurum (Chai-Hu) root; Actractylodes (Bai-Zhu) tuber; White Peony (Bai-Shao) root; Cyperus (Xiang-Fu) tuber; Green Orange (Qing-Pi) peel; Sichuan Lovage (Chuan-Xiong) rhizome; Orange (Zhi-Ke) fruit; Motherwort (Yi-Mu-Cao); Vaccaria (Wang-Bu-Liu-Xing) seed; Notoginseng (Tiam-Qi) root; Guangxi tumeric (Yu-Jin) tuber; Mume plum (Wu-Mei) smoked fruit; Chinese rhubarb (Da-Huang) root. 

(60 Tablets – 750 mg each). 

Green Dragon - GD-001


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