LI-007 Xue Fu Zhu Yu Pian

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Helping to relieve blood stagnation since 1830 A.D.

TCM Therapeutic Actions: Relieves Qi and blood stagnation; relieves pain.

TCM Indications: Chest pain, headache, non-stop hiccups, palpitation, insomnia, injury in the chest area, dysphoria due to interior heat, irritability, fever at dusk.

Modern Indications: Coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, thromboangiitis obliterans, hypertension, migraine, cirrhosis of the Liver, dysmennorhea, anemia, post-miscarriage retention of placenta.

Comments: This herbal formula was created to relieve blood stagnation in the Middle Warmer. Because of the relationship between blood and Qi, it can be used to relieve Qi stagnation as well.

Liver - LI-007

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