LI-003 Xiao Yao Pian

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Harmonizing liver and stomach function since 1110 A. D.

TCM Therapeutic Actions: Relieves Liver Qi stagnation; strengthens Stomach and Spleen functions; harmonizes Stomach and Liver functions.

TCM Indications: Liver Qi stagnation or blood deficiency; rib distention; breast tenderness, fatigue; loss of appetite, bitter mouth, dry throat, headache related to Liver function disorder, menstrual cycle disorders; dizziness.

Modern Indications: Chronic hepatitis, pleuritis, chronic gastritis, neurosis, chronic menstrual problems, PMS, breast masses or cysts, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, ulcers, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome.

Comments: This formula can be used in a complementary way to help patients who have taken many different Western prescriptions drugs. It can help prevent Liver and Stomach function disorders.

Liver - LI-003

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