LI-009 Wen Jing Pian

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Increasing warm Qi in the meridians since 210 A.D

TCM Therapeutic Actions: Warms the channels, especially the Liver and the Kidney; expels cold; nourishes the blood; expels Blood stagnation; strengthens Kidney function.

TCM Indications: Irregular menstruation due to the deficiency-cold in the Chong and Ren channels; accumulation of stagnant blood marked by preceded or delayed menstrual cycle, or overdue, persistent menstrual duration, or excess menstruation in a month; nightfall fever, feverish sensation in the palms, parched lips and dry mouth, pain and cold in the lower abdomen, difficulty in conceiving.

Modern Indications: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, chronic pelvic inflammation, menstrual cramps, and hysteromyoma marked by the above-mentioned symptoms, cystitis, menopausal symptoms.

Comments: This herbal formula can be used with any condition or physical discomfort caused by cold in the Lower Warmer. It is also good for chronic lower back pain in women and for alleviating cold in the extremities.

Liver - LI-009

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